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Vuselela Empowerment Institute is an accredited Training Provider with the Mining Qualifications Authority. Our team has a competitive strategy, the ability to custom-design learning programmes by liaising with subject matter experts to address the specific needs, identifying work related risks and hazards of our clients, thereby delivering customer - centric skills programmes.

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About Us.

Vuselela Empowerment Institute is implicitly results-orientated and is not focused on traditional training and development activities (Inputs), but rather on the performance (Outputs) of individuals, teams and organisations.

Our Process.

It is vital for us to ensure that our training delivery is aligned to the National Skills Development Initiatives; therefore, our training personnel are people of exceptional caliber with specialized National and International Accredited Training Skills.

Our Approach.

Our dynamic team is multi-lingual and has the flexibility to facilitate empowerment processes from top management to shop floor level. Vuselela Empowerment Institute follows a unique holistic and inter-active approach that reaches the deepest level in human conception and understating that has been neglected in training and education.

Our Vision.

With our interminable passion to provide excellent customer service, Vuselela Empowerment Institute (Pty) Ltd will be recognized as a leading Training provider in the Mining and Mineral Sector, as well as other related industries.

Our Mission.

  • Providing outcomes-based learning that empowers learners towards optimal growth and development within themselves, as well as their respective organisations and communities.
  • Being flexible to meet the demands of the industry client needs and requests.
  • Innovation is a way of life for Vuselela as we strive to deliver our services differently and exceptionally, as excellence is not an act, but a habit.
  • Investing in the future through development, capacity building, uplifting of individuals, teams and communities.
  • Maintaining our Mining Qualifications Authority and ISO 9001:2008 Accreditations/Certifications.
  • Constantly striving towards providing clients with the full spectrum that embraces the application and achievement of applying Quality Assurance


68 Kock str.
Rustenburg CBD
South Africa

Phone Numbers.

Phone: 014 594-0033

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